Our user-friendly audio immersion program includes many of the same calming practices as our onsite and Zoom classes, and helps to provide comfort and company during treatment.

It begins with 4 overall concepts (The 4 Bolsters), that provide mind/body support for stress relief while undergoing treatment. The second segment of The Audio Companion (The 4 Bridges), offers meditations, visualizations, and breath work (mind/body tools) to guide you through the specific phases of treatment and healing:

  1. Pre/Post surgery
  2. Chemo and/or radiation
  3. Waiting for test results
  4. My Dr. says “See you in 3 months” – What now?

The program can be listened to at home, in the hospital, in waiting rooms, or the treatment center on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. It provides tips, concepts, self-care practices, and deep relaxations from a mind/body perspective. It helps to address common stressors that can come along with a cancer diagnosis.


We offer our program in different formats of weekly classes and/or workshops. We can also customize the format to your specific needs. We conduct both private sessions in your home, and group classes in hospitals, treatment centers, and anywhere cancer survivorship programs are held. We now offer these classes on Zoom since the onset of COVID19.

(Gentle & Restorative)
These classes are designed for patients who currently in (or have recently undergone) chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. In addition, participants must be a minimum of 8 weeks post-op and with their doctor’s approval. We also recommend this program for those who are looking for a more relaxing experience or are working with other chronic health issues. We focus on gentle movement to keep muscles and joints supple, breath work to relax the central nervous system, and meditation to reduce stress and anxiety. The physical sequences are conducted primarily in chairs and in relaxing supine positions. We also do some balance work using the wall and yoga props. These practices help to bring a greater sense of comfort to the mind and body, while soothing side effects of treatment

(Stamina & Conditioning)
These classes are designed for those 6 months or more post-treatment and with some yoga experience (i.e. Yoga Bolster classes). We begin to incorporate more standing postures modified to the needs of the individual. We focus on gently building strength, balance, and flexibility back into the body with practices to gradually boost stamina. We also use mindfulness meditation to build a greater sense of emotional peace and to rebuild greater confidence in connecting back to everyday activities.

The pure, peaceful sound waves of crystal bowls were first used in ancient Egypt. Their restorative vibrations engage the relaxation reflex, disrupt the pain reflex, and ease our central nervous system to create a deep sense of well-being. By opening up our bodies with specific yoga poses we then fully absorb these restorative sounds, releasing “stuck energy” in the mind and body. Join us for this deeply relaxing, meditative experience (with Shannon Mcinteer – Crystal sound bowl practitioner).

Welcome to Bolster and Bridge

Welcome to Bolster and Bridge

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