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“Patients with cancer often experience physical pain, fatigue, demoralization, and distress. Alison Crowley’s gentle yoga approach to our patients has been profoundly instrumental in helping our patients cope with both the physical and emotional resiliency needed to persevere through the cancer experience. I believe her work has made a very meaningful impact in the lives of our patients and am very grateful for the service.”

Arash Asher, MD – Director of the Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Program at Cedars-Sinai’s Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Center of Los Angeles, CA

“Alison’s Yoga Therapy, for many of my patients, has literally been a godsend. It has allowed women to start the process of reclaiming their bodies after cancer treatment, moreover, within a safe, understanding community.”

May Lin Tao, MD, MSPH – Valley Radiotherapy Medical Associates Center for Radiation Therapy of Beverly Hills, CA

“As a cancer survivor and a psychoanalyst, I’m very aware of the benefits of harnessing the body-mind connection for healing and well-being. I’ve benefited enormously from working with and learning from Alison Crowley. She is a highly gifted and knowledgeable yoga teacher, whose delightful sense of humor and deep compassion are wonderful accompaniments to her wisdom about the body and her keen attunement to what each individual needs. I’m very grateful for the devotion, joy, and impeccable ethics she brings to her healing work.”

Sharon Heath – Jungian Analyst and author of “The Fleur Trilogy”

“The side effects of the breast cancer drugs rendered me so stiff and in pain that it was literally hard to move. I am convinced I would be in a wheelchair if it weren’t for yoga. Yoga also gave me tools to cope with physical and mental challenges outside of class. Alison is a terrific teacher. Her depth of knowledge about yoga is amazing and informs her teaching. She creates a room where you are safe, encouraged, and made whole​.”

Linda – Bolster & Bridge student

I was always fearful of attending yoga because the few times I had tried it at studios, I could not keep up with the expectations due to flexibility issues. But once I enrolled in your classes, I was easily encouraged and I can openly admit that restorative yoga kept me going through chemo and its side effects during and after the treatment. Yoga has not only helped me physically and with neuropathy (caused by chemo) but it has also helped me emotionally. Your yoga classes are truly the highlight of my day.”

Jackie – Bolster & Bridge student

Yoga therapy with Alison is saving my life, one class and one moment at a time. If I didn’t have access to Alison’s classes at least twice/week, I would lose heart. I am living with Stage IV breast cancer, thanks to the physical, mental and emotional benefits of the free-for-cancer survivors small class setting of Alison’s brand of yoga therapy. I feel loved, respected, improved, supported and strengthened in my cancer journey. My chemotherapy treatments may not be working yet, but I am ever so hopeful that things will turn around every time I see Alison’s kind face and her encouraging words and yoga life-view. I have taken yoga classes and private instruction in my life before cancer, but yoga therapy is so much more. It is life-giving. It is life-saving.”

Kathy – Bolster & Bridge student

Alison Crowley (C-IAYT) – Founder & Certified Yoga Therapist

Phone: (323) 253-6717


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